Om os

Hos er kunden altid i centrum. Vi gør os stor umage med at sætte os dybt ind i opgaven og jeres virksomhed for at kunne skabe de marketing-resultater I forventer. Altid på et solidt fundament bygget på god forretningsforståelse og skarpe, tekniske kompetencer.

Brian Mollerup

Always a joke on the tip of his tongue. To be found in many important boards.

Martin Mollerup

Martin claims he doesn’t like cake. Until you put a bag of Gifflar in front of him.

Senior Marketing Consultant
Stefan Asmussen

He is a fun loving, curious and passionate father and marketeer. Loves developing business, team work, running, and sleeping long hours

Marketing manager
Ameya Deshpande

One motto. Never say never.

Visual Content Creator
Antonia Ronyecz

Turns feelings into unique visuals. Precise with that perfect timing. Also a film nerd.

Iulia Rotaru

Tech heavy performer. Calm as a cucumber. Work speed on 200%.

Visual & Web designer
Maria Bramer

Into shapes and movements. Helpful when designing. Some may say.

Marketing Koordinator
Emil Fyndboe

Too many ideas to be contained. Last person to leave the dance floor. Always.

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